The Atomic Guide to Content Strategy

The Atomic Guide to Content Strategy from Frank Delmelle

The Marketing Power Of Tradeshows

Do you visit trade shows or does your business participate in them? See the infographic about the marketing power of trade shows to visualize how important these shows are.

20 Sales & Marketing Tips

Useful Sales & Marketing Tips By Peter Nunes d’Agrella 1. You must have effective strategies and act on those strategies in a consistent manner.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis This section of your business plan will need to present convincing evidence that your business is likely to meet with success in the market place. This section will detail the market as you see it for your business, using numbers derived from the research you have done in developing your business idea.

20 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Budget

20 ways to stretch your marketing budget (and increase your sales) 1) Don’t use three sales letters, when one will do Get a ‘boiler plate’ sales letter written, which can then be adapted for potential customers, existing customers and lapsed customers. 2) Use ‘PR friendly’ magazines Some magazines are more receptive to press releases than […]

Top Ten Tips for Magic Marketing

Top Ten Tips for Magic Marketing By Philip Chandler, Business Development Consultant Whether you already run a business or are thinking of starting one, effective marketing is one of the keys to your success. Conversely, failure to pay sufficient attention to the way you present yourself to actual and potential customers is one of the […]

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