20 Sales & Marketing Tips

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Useful Sales & Marketing Tips

By Peter Nunes d’Agrella

1. You must have effective strategies and act on those strategies in a consistent manner.

2. Stay in touch with your customers. Try to interest them in a new product, an upgrade, a different solution. Whatever! Always talk to the decision maker, don’t waste your time with those who can’t make the buying decision.

3. Why should someone buy from you? What makes you different from everyone else? Draft that USP!

4. Be positive. Surround yourself with motivated people instead of complainers.

5. Get automated! That’s right, buy that computer and automated.

6. Think BIG (not TOO big!).

7. Learn from your mistakes. Many people don’t!

8. Stop Trying. Trying is not the same thing as Doing. DO rather than TRY!

9. Always have some special offer(s) for your prospects! Make one up during the sales talk if necessary!! Always worked for me!

10. Ensure fast delivery. Distribution is what makes or breaks your business. Without it you don’t have a business!

11. Always follow-up on a sale. Ask the customer if all is to his/her satisfaction. It builds trust and they’ll be back!

12. Ask questions. Customers like to talk about themselves. BECOME THEIR FRIEND! Shake hands, give a friendly pat on the shoulder.

13. Always keep your customers happy. Get rid of those customers that NEVER get satisfied with your service or product.

14. Show that you’re a professional. Be confident, polite and to the point without being robotic.

15. Use customer’s testimonials and endorsements wherever you can.

16. Always be on time for a meeting, try to be there 10 minutes early, gives you time to prepare.

17. Always ASK for the order. If you don’t you may not get it. Even add stuff to the order (if it benefits the customer that is).

18. Be organized. If you don’t you may end up a stress case.

19. If you can, calculate offers in a different manner than your competitors. This way the customer can’t really compare.

20. Be an expert, an authority in what you do. It sells! It builds confidence! Ensure you have credibility!

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