What’s Wrong With The Trademark System

What’s Wrong With The Trademark System So you start a business and come up with this great name ‘MyName’ (hypothetical name used for this story). You want to play it by the numbers and you check everywhere if the name is a ‘registered trademark’. You’re in luck and you decide to register the name before […]

20 Sales & Marketing Tips

Useful Sales & Marketing Tips By Peter Nunes d’Agrella 1. You must have effective strategies and act on those strategies in a consistent manner.

Top 10 Time Wasters

Top 10 Time Wasters By Arthur A. Hawkins II 1) Procrastination & Excuses If you don’t start you can’t finish. Reach your goals & objectives by continually working toward them. Don’t put things off! Never make things more than they are. Do not wait until the last minute (also see #8). ACT!

Use Opinion Research

Use Opinion Research to build strong communication By Frank Noto The brand manager was a hunter, sportsman, and self-described “man’s man.” His company’s alcoholic beverage sales were booming. He loved the agency’s macho new pitch for the product, with ads poking non-too-subtle fun at “sissies” who drank competing beverages. Everyone from the CEO on down […]

Business Startup Checklist

Business Startup Checklist Handy startup checklist This checklist may help you collect and evaluate essential information about yourself and the business you would like to start. You may wish to complete this before starting with your business plan using a PlanMagic Business Plan Program.

The Six Laws of Authentic Client Relationships

The Six Laws of Authentic Client Relationships By Robert Warren How well do you know your clients? How well do they know you?

Ten Power Steps

Ten power steps for creating your next good customer in 28 days or less By John Wren MBA. From Wren’s DARING MIGHTY THINGS — HOW TO START YOUR FIRST BUSINESS. These ten steps are the fastest, cheapest, most effective way I’ve found to create the first new customer for a new business. It works even […]

Market Analysis

Market Analysis This section of your business plan will need to present convincing evidence that your business is likely to meet with success in the market place. This section will detail the market as you see it for your business, using numbers derived from the research you have done in developing your business idea.

Estimating a Market Area

Estimating a Market Area If you’re doing sales forecasts you can estimate the sales for several market areas (market segmentation). You’ll need to assess:

Writing Powerful Sales Letters

Writing Powerful Sales Letters By Gail Peura The purpose of any business is to sell its product or service. Without sales, no business can exist for long. And all sales begin with some form of advertising. A sales letter, whether as a follow-up piece in response to an ad or as part of a direct […]

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