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Entrepreneurs and social media

According to research by Dr. Molly Wasko and Carlene Cassidy of The UAB Collat School of Business, many business owners are hesitant to jump onto the social media bandwagon.

Financial Ratios Part 1

Financial ratios Part 1 from PlanMagic Corporation

Defining a Business Mission

To define your company’s mission or identity, ask yourself the following questions:

Top 10 Time Wasters

Top 10 Time Wasters By Arthur A. Hawkins II 1) Procrastination & Excuses If you don’t start you can’t finish. Reach your goals & objectives by continually working toward them. Don’t put things off! Never make things more than they are. Do not wait until the last minute (also see #8). ACT!

Improve Results

Improve results by Peter Nunes d’Agrella This must always be a main goal and can be realized with the following activities:

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