Real Life Shark Tank: 12 of the Strangest Things I’ve Been Pitched

Throughout my time as a seed and accelerator investor at 500 Startups and my angel investing on AngelList via my syndicate, I’ve guided money in the direction of 174 startups for a total of $23M in venture capital.

Financial Ratios Part 1

Financial ratios Part 1 from PlanMagic Corporation

Defining a Business Mission

To define your company’s mission or identity, ask yourself the following questions:

Break-even point

The break-even point (also known as critical turnover) is reached when the turnover is sufficient to cover the operating costs.

Economic Added Value (EVA) Analysis

You can use the EVA dynamic analysis for each of the 5 years. Use the arrows to increase/decrease a value and see what the result of that variation would mean for the bottom lines of the business. Use this analysis to monitor results and to adjust your business where needed.

Vendor allowances and rebates

Volume discount The retailer earns additional discounts when the quantity in terms of items or  money of purchases relating either to specific products or all products exceeds certain levels. This can also be in the form of prizes and awards.

A mini guide to starting your own business

The infographic displays some of the key points to consider when setting up a business, as well as looking at vital character traits that might make you the perfect person to build a successful company from the ground up.

Financial Summary 5 Years

The table provides a 5 year financial summary of operating results, financial position and ratios of the projections.

How To Write a Business Plan

How To Write a Business Plan A lot of articles have been written on how to write a business plan. You can find thousands of articles online on the subject of writing a winning business plan, but we find that most of them do not truly cover the actual process involved. So here is our […]

Questions to ask yourself before the plan writing begins

The Common Sense Series – By Martin E. Koss Many business idea are truly sound from the word go, but the facts remain that many elements of the idea must become solidified before approaching a bank or other financial institution for their immediate funding and for on-going support. Your project needs to be put to […]

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