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What’s Your Startup Style?

It goes without saying that it takes a special kind of person to become an entrepreneur. Driven, motivated, innovative – these are just a few of the many ways to describe individuals who risk everything to transform their vision into reality. Whatever your style, we hope this infographic brings a smile to your face and […]

Evolution Of An Entrepreneur

To see how the field of entrepreneurship has changed throughout history – as well as what the startup culture might look like for future generations of enterprising business owners – check out this infographic on “The Evolution of the Entrepreneur”.   Click image to see a larger version Evolution of an Entrepreneur via homestead

Top 10 Time Wasters

Top 10 Time Wasters By Arthur A. Hawkins II 1) Procrastination & Excuses If you don’t start you can’t finish. Reach your goals & objectives by continually working toward them. Don’t put things off! Never make things more than they are. Do not wait until the last minute (also see #8). ACT!

Business and Financial Terms

Business and Financial Terms Shortlist of the most common business and financial terms.

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