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Bankable Deals

Bankable Deals INTRODUCTION Exporting can mean big profits to a small business. For all the opportunities exporting provides, however, it can present as many challenges. Financing exports and fear of not being paid are two of the most often cited barriers to trade. This booklet is designed to take the mystery out of export finance […]

The Most Common Loan Security Agreements

The Most Common Loan Security Agreements These are the most common loan security agreements: Chattel mortgage A mortgage on specific assets other than land and buildings. A lien charge against the title is registered with the County or State.

Investor Criteria

Investor Criteria How do investors evaluate a proposal? Which criteria are important and in what order? Here’s an overview of criteria used by angel investors and venture capitalists.

About SBA Loans

About SBA loans When you have a great idea but no money to fund your start-up, a loan guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) can make the difference between going ahead or not. Since the government is providing the guarantee in case of default, banks and other lenders will make loans they otherwise […]

The Solvency Of A Business

The solvency of a business By Peter Nunes d’Agrella The solvency of the company indicates that the company can fulfill its obligations on the longer term. By calculating the ratios between total assets and total liabilities and between the proprietary and foreign capital a clear picture can be formed of the relative proportions.

About Bonds

About Bonds   Bondable This means that the contractor’s capital, character & capacity have been analyzed by a surety underwriter, and that the surety underwriter has determined that the contractor can perform certain types of work within established parameters. Based upon that determination, a surety company who must be listed in the U.S. Treasury Department’s […]

Going Public – IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Going Public – IPO (Initial Public Offering) by PlanMagic Corporation Public markets used to be available only to larger companies with a long history of profitability. Nowadays a variety of companies with varying degrees of profitability and revenue growth may be candidates for public financing depending mainly on future prospects. Access to capital growth through […]

Market Indicators (indices)

Market indicators (indices) The averages that are available as indicators or indices indicate the general health of stock prices. If the economy is doing well then prices of stocks as a group tend to rise. If it is not doing so well prices as a group tend to fall. The averages are there to show […]

Sources of Equity Financing

Big advantage of equity financing is that it doesn’t have to be paid back. It is an investment, and the investors get a piece of your company and expect their payback to come when the company is sold or goes public. How can owners of smaller companies obtain equity financing? First and foremost, they need […]

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