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Who Gets Venture Capital Funding?

Investors flooded startups with a record $63.3 billion in 2015. But a volatile stock market and fears of a tech bubble have led VC firms to make more cautious bets this year. The funding total for 2016 is on pace to drop about 25 percent, which means competition for those dollars is even fiercer than […]

7 Myths of Startup Financing

How do you successfully pitch your business to investors? As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, I’ve been on both sides of the funding process. Here are 7 myths of startup financing — and the truths you should follow.

Financial Ratios Part 1

Financial ratios Part 1 from PlanMagic Corporation

Break-even point

The break-even point (also known as critical turnover) is reached when the turnover is sufficient to cover the operating costs.

Economic Added Value (EVA) Analysis

You can use the EVA dynamic analysis for each of the 5 years. Use the arrows to increase/decrease a value and see what the result of that variation would mean for the bottom lines of the business. Use this analysis to monitor results and to adjust your business where needed.

Vendor allowances and rebates

Volume discount The retailer earns additional discounts when the quantity in terms of items or  money of purchases relating either to specific products or all products exceeds certain levels. This can also be in the form of prizes and awards.

Startup Funding by the Numbers

Startups fund themselves through bootstrapping, bank loans, angel investors, venture capital firms. See the numbers in the infographic.

Financial Summary 5 Years

The table provides a 5 year financial summary of operating results, financial position and ratios of the projections.

Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends

The crowdfunding industry continues to see strong growth which gives life to more great ideas, projects and social good. To help visualize the growth of the crowdfunding industry, take a look at the following infographic.

22 Crowdfunding Sites (and How To Choose Yours!)

Are You Looking For Money To Start A Company? Crowdfunding used to be pretty simple. Artists, inventors, and filmmakers posted their ideas, and funders chipped in a few bucks to make something happen. Kickstarter, the site that triggered the crowdfunding movement, was the cornerstone. In three years, the site has helped launch more than 95,000 […]

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