Review of Famous Company Logos

How big business uses the emotional power of logos. Logos are the most valuable intangible asset of a company.

Most Popular Social Media Sites Review

Why women are the real power behind the huge success of Pinterest and Tumblr. The infographic shows that women not only use social media more often than men, but they use these sites in more ways.

The Art of Deceptive Advertising

Quick review of false and misleading tricks used in ads. To show the disparity between ads and actual products, we’ve found an infographic that compares the fake shoot and real product of popular food, hotel and fashion brands. Alarmingly, the actual items look a lot different from their ads.

Vendor allowances and rebates

Volume discount The retailer earns additional discounts when the quantity in terms of items or  money of purchases relating either to specific products or all products exceeds certain levels. This can also be in the form of prizes and awards.

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